Sra. Wilson

Sra. Wilson

Sra. Wilson

Our history...

Sra. Wilson was born fruit of an experience when discovering different towns and customs of several countries of the Andean mountain range. The wealth and richness of the high quality pieces and products that are created by artisanal work and production methods, carrying out tasks in which the priority is a result close to excellence , transmitted from generation to generation over hundreds of years.

The different visits to these communities were for Sra . Wilson a great surprise and a difficult thrill to relegate. As a witness to this suspense, this experience is recorded by the character of "Rope", by Alfred Hitchcock, Mrs.Wilson

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Our collection has high quality blankets, mostly 80% alpaca wool and 20% sheep wool. The feel of the blankets is incredibly soft and pleasant, as is their smell.

All the blankets in the collection orologi repliche are made with manual support in most of their process, made by true artisans, so they are unique in tonalities and have measurements that can vary in a few centimeters being the base 2.30 m x 1.90 m.

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We have a rotating selection of blankets, our goal is to have pieces from around the world, and for all tastes, with ranges of colors that represent all seasons of the year, each of the elements of nature, as well as the moods and moments throughout life.

SRA. WILSON an original gift

Mrs. Wilson intends to generate beautiful experiences and surprises. A nicety like this will be a great memento among friends, family, and loved ones, as they are very representative blankets for use not only at  home  as a decorative element but as a companion for experiences  in the mountains, on the beach or any type of outings .

They have a very special packaging and tailored accessories for different situations